The popularity of betting on golf has definitely grown over the years and the sport has become an extremely lucrative option for both recreational and professional gamblers alike. The biggest pull that golf has over the majority of sports is that you can win big for very little outlay. If you think that most favourites for a competition start at 10/1 and can rise upwards of 500/1, it won’t take too many winning picks over the course of a season to start churning out a nice profit.

Having said that, like any sport, there are ways and means in which you can maximise the way you bet on the sport. Choosing the winning player from a field of over 100 players isn’t always going to be all that easy, so a lot of patience is required when betting on golf. We have included some tips below that will hopefully allow you to make a more profitable golf pick.

Check Player Form

This is one of the most obvious tips and applies to pretty much any sports betting strategy, but you would be surprised to see how many bettors don’t look at recent player form. There are so many sites out there all including a detailed analysis of a players recent form that there is simply no excuse.

You should be looking for players that have been landing consistently in the top 20 or so players over their last half a dozen outings. It’s these types of players that will be carrying their form into the competition and will likely be very close to really making that breakthrough. Obviously players who aren’t in the best form are still worth a punt every now and then, but you need to have good reason as to why you are selecting them. This might be because they have a good record at that course or in the competition and feel that they will go well. Whatever your reasoning, make sure you have researched your pick to back up your better judgment.

One example we like to include is from the 2014 Senior USPGA Championship where German, Bernhard Langer went off as fourth favourite in the tournament. Langer’s record throughout 2014 had included 9 top 10 finishes, with two wins and 3 top 5’s, all from just 9 starts in the year. And this guy went off as fourth favourite! This is about as hot as you will ever find a player and definitely a result of a value bet, regardless of how they fared in the tournament.

Course Set Up

Horses for courses is a common term that gets thrown around a lot in the sports betting industry, but there are few sports where its more applicable than golf. Some players just suit certain courses, with particular holes fitting their eye or their ability to work the ball in one direction easier than others.

A lot of players struggle at places like Augusta due to the fact that it requires you to draw the ball a lot, with players who like to hit a fade finding life very tough around a very unforgiving course. Take for example a veteran like Fred Couples. Couples plays very little on the main tour these days with the majority of time spent playing on the senior tour, but he consistently competes year in, year out at Augusta against guys half his age because the course just suits his eye.

It shouldn’t be too hard to find out the course set up and what sort of player it’s going to suit. It may be a bombers course, plotters course, draw bias or fade bias, but either way, it’s likely it will suit some players more than others. Try and look for courses that are similar around the world and see which players have been successful there, whilst also looking for past top 10 winners from that specific course over the last 5 years or so.

This strategy will take a lot more work than simply checking player form and to be honest, there is no end as to how far you can run with it. But it’s likely going to be something that will put you in good stead and allow you to draw up a shortlist of names who could all challenge around that course.

Lock In Profit

Locking in profit is something that the majority of the professional bettors do when betting on golf. As we have mentioned, the majority of players carry fairly large prices to their names which means that we can lock in profits should our initial picks start doing well in the competition.

The way in which you will need to do this is by using a betting exchange, such as Betfair. You don’t actually need to place your initial bet with Betfair, although it does make life a lot easier, especially if you are starting out. Once you have backed your player, the odds will start to fluctuate as the tournament progresses. Let’s say we made our initial back odds of 50.00 and they went on to be leading after the first round. The odds of them winning then dropped to 20.00. This means that there is an opportunity to lay our bet at these reduced odds and then lock in a profit no matter where our player finishes.

The amount you can make will vary depending on how much you wagered, initial odds and amount of change in odds, but you can work this strategy with more than one player meaning you can lock in profit from a number of different results.

Check For Tournament Offers

If you are looking to take your golf betting seriously and start to actually make some money from it, we think that one of the easiest ways to do so is by searching around for some of the best promotions. Now this may mean that you need to open several accounts over the course of the season and whilst some bettors are always sceptical at doing this, it’s something that has to be done. If you ask any professional gambler, they will likely tell you that they have dozens of betting accounts for this exact reason.

The reasons we want several accounts is that more often than not a range of bookmakers will be promoting different offers for each golf tournament. By having these accounts it means you can quickly and easily pick the bookmaker you want to bet on and take advantage of their promotion. As a side to this, it also allows you to search out the best odds for any bets you want to make, again adding an absolute ton of value to your golf picks. After all, it’s not uncommon for one bookmaker to offer a golfer at 40.00 with another offering up 55.00 on the same golfer. A £10 bet will earn £150 more than the first bookmaker, just for taking a few minutes to shop around.

Look Outside The Outright Winner

The number of golf betting markets is continuing to grow and this means that it gives us, the punter more choice. Betting on the outright winner can be very lucrative, but it can also be very high risk. Picking between a field of 100+ is a tough gig, no matter how good your research strategy is.

A market that has been picking up pace over the last few years is that of group betting. This is often a mix of fictional, made up groups of players or actual 3balls for that tournament. Basically you need to pick which player will be highest ranked out of those players. Their official standing within the tournament actually has no bearing on this type of betting.

This form of betting will obviously give you much diluted odds compared to the outright winner market, but it will limit liability and volatility at the same time.