Over the last decade or so, golf has become one of the most wagered sports in the world. Whilst it’s not always that popular for people who either don’t play the sport or particularly follow golf, the game can be one of the most lucrative for a punter.

The odds for an overall winner in a golf tournament will tend to start at around the 10/1 mark and work its way upwards in excess of 100/1. Granted, choosing a winner from a field of over 100 players for some tournaments isn’t always going to be the easiest job in the world, but when you do, it’ll likely prove to be one of the biggest returns on investment of your betting career.

Types Of Golf Bet

What many people overlook is the sheer volume and betting markets that can be wagered upon these days. We’ve mentioned about the outright winner market being extremely lucrative, but if you like your bets a little less volatile and your returns smaller then there are dozens to choose from, just as you would from football betting for example. Listed below are some of the more popular…

Outright Winner

This is easily the most popular market to bet on for golf and it’s pretty simple in that you need to select who you think will win the tournament. You can literally pick from any of the starting players, but to get any returns, they will need to be at the top of that leader board on the final day. It’s likely that just a couple of successful picks from this market will see you in profit for the season; such are the returns for these sections.

Group Betting

Group betting allows you to bet on much smaller selection of players from the field. The groups will vary depending on your bet but might include a ‘fantasy fourball’ (four players selected by the bookmaker) from which you need to select which player will be the best placed finisher from that group. Where each player finishes in relation to the field or the competition is irrelevant for these bets, they simply go head to head with the selections in the group.

The groups are sometimes played over just 18 holes or can last for the whole of tournament (72 holes). The odds of a player winning the group will be much less than picking the outright winner and range from around 3.00 up to 8.00, depending on the player/group. Theoretically, your bets can still win with a player missing the cut, provided they finished higher ranked than their opponents. If your pick finishes in a tie for best ranked in that group, then the bet will act as a ‘push’ and your stake will be refunded.

Top Country/Region Representative

This works in much the same way as group betting but allows you to pick from players of a certain country or region. This might be top European, top American, top Australian or anything and everything in between. These markets are once again very popular due to their increased field size, but again, won’t yield as big an ROI as the outright winner.

Top 5 Finish

Pretty self-explanatory, choose from the field for a player to finish in the top five of the tournament. This will include tied places as well, so if your player finished Tied for 5th, then this bet will payout. It’s another market that can be expanded in terms of top 10 and top 20 finishes.

Each Way

Each way betting is again very popular in golf and most prefer to bet this market than a top 5 finish which is very similar. Each way betting means that you will get paid more should your player go on to win the tournament.

Each way terms will vary from each bookmaker but as standard most will pay ¼ of the odds for a top 5 finish. Obviously with each way betting half of your bet go towards the player winning, where you get paid out at full starting odds. It’s worth shopping around to see which bookmakers are paying the highest number of places out as it does vary quite a lot depending on tournaments.

1st Round Leader

This market allows you to select which player you think will be leading upon completion of the first round. How they finish in the tournament after 72 holes is irrelevant, all that matters here is their first round placement.

This market is often expanded to second, third and final round finishes as the tournament progresses.

Prop Bets

A number of miscellaneous prop bets might be on offer from your bookmaker which could include markets requiring a yes or no answer. These might be along the lines of a hole in one, albatross to be made, a round in the 90’s by any player, rookie winner etc.


Golf Betting Rules

Whilst the rules below are pretty standard for the majority of bookmakers, we want to make you aware that most bookmakers will provide their own rules in terms of pay-outs for each event. If you have any queries or issues on a certain market then we highly recommend that you contact the bookmaker in which you made the bet with as they will be able to give you a more definitive answer.

Abandoned event – The results of a tournament will stand should that tournament play out 36 holes or more. In the event that this number of holes is not possible for the whole field then the tournament will become void and bets refunded. Any bets settled prior to the abandonment of the tournament such as first round leader for example, will remain.

Each way betting – In the event of a player finishing in a tied position matching the reported payout places, then the bet will be settled successfully. If a player enters a playoff and finishes within the paid places then the bet will be settled upon the official finishing positions given by the governing body of that specific tournament.

Group betting – The payer with the lowest score will be deemed the winner of any group bets. Should a player miss the cut then their opponent (provided they have made the cut) will be deemed the winner. If both players miss the cut then the player with the lowest score will win. If both players return the same score then dead heat rules will apply.