Plenty of online bookmakers offer some sort of golf coverage, but it often doesn’t get as much attention as some other sports and horse racing and football seem to be the bookies favourites. On this page we give a run down of the best betting sites for golf which should give you a good starting point to work from.


Betfair are the biggest betting exchange in the world and to be honest, probably one of the most recognised brands in the gambling industry. Their market coverage is absolutely staggering but they have gone about it in a way that offers something a little different compared to most bookmakers. Whilst they are predominantly a betting exchange, they have recently branched out to also offer a more traditional style of bookmaking in their static sportsbook.

One of the reasons as to why they have been so successful is the fact that they are a worldwide brand, allowing players from pretty much any country in the world, with one notable exception of the US. The company cover sports like very few bookmakers and their depth is also about as good as you are going to get. The inclusion of golf betting has been a big factor for them and this is definitely one of their biggest traded sports on the site. They offer a plethora of special offers exclusive to betting on golf, of which we will discuss later in this article.

Golf at Betfair

It’s quite interesting to see that the exchange has a lot more events covered at any one time compared with the sportsbook section. Having said that, the exchange includes a lot more Antepost markets than the sportsbook and as events start approaching or even turn in-play, they will likely be split pretty evenly between the two.

As you would expect, the coverage is excellent with PGA Tour, European Tour, LPGA, Seniors, Ryder Cup, Presidents Cup, all the majors and players specials covered in huge detail. A fantastic addition from Betfair is the inclusion of money list betting. The Race to Dubai and FedEx cup are now two of the biggest tournaments in the world with millions of dollars on offer for each, making betting a real hot bed.

Market coverage is another tick in the box for Betfair with outright winners, 3 ball betting, miss the cut, top American, top European and in fact top pretty much any country you can think of, all on show. It has to be one of, if not the biggest range and depths of markets we have come across for golf betting.


Mobile betting has been introduced over the last few years with Betfair and they have actually designed two apps; one for their sportsbook and one for their betting exchange. This makes betting on the go a breeze with both apps working admirably.

As a final point we want to make you aware that when you register with Betfair you can use a huge range of features on site which includes live streaming, betting tips, cash out options, news, dedicated TV shows and a more than healthy stats section.


Betfred are one of the most iconic bookmakers in the world. The UK based firm has been established for decades now and they have continued their success into the online world from having one of the most supported high street franchises in the industry. Whilst a UK based site, they are now a very multinational company accepting players from across Europe and around the world. In fact, one of the only noticeable omissions from the countries they accept players from is that of the US.

Betfred have always been well known for their affiliation with both football and horse racing, and there is little doubt that these two sports are the most popular on site. But to become a successful bookmaker in this day and age you have to offer up a variety of sports for punters and golf has been one that has seen a good deal of growth over the years. The range of markets isn’t the best in the industry by any means, but they offer a solid platform that will appeal to most golf enthusiasts.

Golf at Betfred

As a golf bettor you will be pleased to hear that Betfred provide markets for both of the men’s tours in the PGA and European events, whilst also covering the Champions Tour, LPGA, Ryder Cup and a number of Antepost and specials markets.

The depths of these markets are pretty good and they generally include the outright winner and then a number of 3 ball match-ups as the competition progresses. We did like the fact that the outright winner market went into live betting mode and would react as the tournament played out. There are some bookmakers that actually close this market whilst a round is in progress, which is just ludicrous to be honest.

The four majors are probably where Betfred really starts to invest their time and money, with all four enjoying a large coverage. Overall though, they probably don’t have as comprehensive as some of the bookmakers golfing sections and compared to the likes of BetVictor and Bet365, they fall well short.

One thing that they will have going for them is a competitive array of odds. Running through some of the ongoing markets on has seen Betfred be more than competitive with a wide range of their markets and picks.


Betfred have recently been hard at work to polish their already sound betting app with a new release for 2014. The app works so much better than the previous edition and includes all the markets you can access on their sportsbook.

Whilst we mentioned that the offers for golf bettors is a little slim, if you are into your football or horse racing then you definitely need to check these guys out as some of their promotions are simply stunning. If you are into your accumulator betting then Betfred offer up a huge range of lists to pick from which will provide odds that are as good, if not better than their competitors.


BetVictor are one of the oldest and most respected bookmakers in the world. Based out of the UK, the company first targeted the shores of the British Isles before then taking on Europe and now a boat load of countries from around the world.  One of the biggest omissions from BetVictor is that of US based players, but this is pretty common practice for a lot of the Euro facing bookmakers due to gambling restrictions in that country.

What BetVictor have always done really well is cover the major sports markets in a depth that is rivalled by very few. A sport that falls into this category is that of golf. The golf section is about as comprehensive as you are going to find and must be one of the best in Europe, if not the world. Coupled this with BetVictor’s increasing reputation for providing some of the best odds in the industry, makes it for a serious competitor as best golf betting bookmaker.

Golf at BetVictor

The golf betting section at BetVictor is an absolute joy to behold. We are golf fanatics and literally can spend hours browsing through the plethora of markets that they have on offer for every tournament that they cover. In terms of tournaments you will get everyone from the PGA Tour and European Tour, but on top of that you will get all the majors, LPGA, Senior Tour, Ryder Cup and even some of the junior golf events.

Market depth is stunning with outright winner, top 10 finishes, top 20 finishes, missed cut insurance, 72 hole group betting, 72 hole match betting, double chance, treble chance, sixshooter, top European player, top American player and so many more. What we really like about all these markets is that the majority of them turn in-play, which very few bookmakers tend to do. Also, at the end of each round the markets will be drawn up again for the following days play, so you don’t just have to bet prior to the start of the event, but you can continue to wager as the competition unfolds.

BetVictor are pretty much best priced with just about every sport they seem to cover, with golf being no exception. In fact, if we were going to go as far as saying that if you could choose just one bookmaker to bet on golf with, BetVictor would probably be that bookmaker. We’ve mentioned before that golf betting can range in price, so we would always recommend shopping about before placing any bets though.


BetVictor have managed to turn into much more than just a sportsbook over the years with their inclusion of casino, poker, games and slots all being readily available under one account. On top of that, their mobile betting app is again another solid addition to what’s quickly becoming one of the best bookmakers in the world!


ComeOn is one of the new, up-and-coming sportsbooks on the market. What’s been interesting to see from ComeOn is that the fact they have flourished in a market that is very saturated. Whilst they are far from the cries of a bet365 or Betfair, they have managed to take their little corner of the industry and are continuing to grow with each month.

There’s little doubt that their main bread and butter sports lie within the boundaries of football and the bigger American based sports. But for a bookmaker of ComeOn’s size, they offer a pretty wide range of sports to choose from. The bookmaker has been under close observation after its arrival only a few years ago, but one sport that we have seen start to expand in terms of exposure is that of golf.

We aren’t going to get carried away here though, and realise that for a bookmaker of its size it needs to concentrate on more mainstream sports to become successful. Having said that, they do open their doors to the majority of countries around the world, with the US being the major notable exception due to their stricken gambling laws.

Golf at ComeOn

The bookmaker doesn’t include the biggest array of golf betting markets. What you will find will be the larger events form the PGA Tour and European Tour with the majors thrown in for good measure as and when they start.

Unfortunately it doesn’t bode too well for how much coverage each event gets either, with only the outright winner markets available for most, with some match betting on offer for the bigger events. To be honest, it’s a pretty poor turn out on the golf front for ComeOn, but it was to be expected given that golf isn’t the biggest of sports for betting and the fact that the bookmaker is still very young in comparison with its competition.


We do like the fact that the bookmaker has tried hard to find its niche in the market and this has been through the US based sports. American football, baseball, basketball and ice hockey are really well represented which makes a nice change from the usual suspect within European facing sportsbooks.


Coral has been a UK based bookmaker for a number of years now, but since it’s integration with the Gala group in 2005 the company has seen their sportsbook jump to one of the biggest in the world. A big focus of their sportsbook, as mentioned, is targeted towards the UK and Europe but they also accept players from the US excluding Canada and the Virgin Islands.

One of the markets that has seen huge development since their integration with Gala is that of their golf section. Whilst these guys aren’t quite at the top of the pile for betting on golf, they offer a huge range of markets and promotions dedicated to the sport, of which we will discuss further in this review.

Golf at Coral

Coral have worked hard to create one of the more comprehensive golf betting packages in the industry. They will offer markets on every PGA and European Tour event with a number of betting specials to complement each.

Whilst you obviously get your outright winner markets as standard, what we particularly liked is the fact that Coral offer up match betting as well. For those you that don’t know, match betting is where you bet between each three or four ball in the tournament and then select the winner of that group. Basically, it doesn’t matter how they fair in the tournament, just simply between those three or four players, which is actually a really profitable market to bet on.

A recent, but welcomed addition is their results section where you can check the results of a number of past tournaments. Now this may not sound all that ground breaking, but what you can also do for this is search the results of the match betting markets (mentioned above) allowing you to see how each match faired.

Finally we want to make you aware that few bookmakers offer as many one-off golf promotions as Coral. These range week on week and generally the bigger the tournament, the more enticing the offer. Some of the more recent ones include paying out top 6 players (each way) at The Masters and even massively inflated odds for favourites when registering a new account. On top of that their odds are pretty competitive and will likely be there or thereabouts when it comes to the best in the industry.


Their latest mobile app design is also a really nice addition to the Coral betting armoury. The app will allow you access to all markets that are on their website but will also allow you to view the live streams of a plethora of sports that they provide for their customers, all available on iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

The site is also linked pretty heavily with a standout casino, bingo, poker and lotto sections serving up a diverse gambling portfolio if needed. The new Coral connect card also enables you to use the same account for both your online and offline betting.


Ladbrokes have been one of the leading bookmakers since they were first established way back in 1925. They have been around for so long now that they are more of an institution in the gambling industry than just another bookmaker. They’ve had to work hard to compete with the ever increasing online world and coming from the old school high street shops, this is never an easy task.

Whilst they are very much a UK brand, they accept players from all over the world, with the only exception being that of the US market due to their gambling restrictions. As with the majority of Euro facing bookmakers, golf betting is always going to be pretty high on the agenda, and Ladbrokes are no different. They offer a good range of competitions and markets along with a range of betting offers to make their sportsbook a really solid choice for golf punters.

Golf at Coral

There is an excellent range of tournaments on offer from Ladbrokes, of which we would expect nothing less! The two main tours in the PGA Tour and the European Tour will include every event from each, but we were pleasantly surprised to see that the Seniors Tour was just as well represented. We don’t think that every tournament on this tour is provided, but from what we have seen, the majority seem to be there.

On top of those you can also bet on things like the Ryder Cup and the four majors, but we were delighted to see that Ladbrokes had incorporated golf betting into their live betting section; of which has recently been re-designed.

The one thing that we felt really let down the Ladbrokes golf betting section was the depth of markets. It’s massively made up of just the outright winner markets which leave a pretty big gaping hole for the rest of potential markets on offer. In fact, the only alternative from this market was that of a few 3 ball betting match ups, and even then they weren’t exactly well represented.


Ladbrokes is so much more than just a sportsbook these days and they have comprehensive casino, poker, games, live casino and even exchange betting sections. On top of that, they have recently undergone a much needed re-design of their entire site giving it a much more modern feel and something we are really fond of.

They also include a great little mobile betting app which allows you to bet on pretty much every market from their sportsbook along with separate apps for their exchange and casino games section.